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Founding Fathers Tea
"The Fusion of History and Qualitea"

Honoring America's Founders

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 We hope that you will enjoy our fine teas with family and friends; at churches, fundraisers, meetings, conventions, the office, children's tea parties, or wherever people gather.  Tea helps you to pause and take a brief respite from your busy day to refresh your senses and enhance your well-being.  For gifts, promotions, awards, to send to our service men and women – there are infinite uses for tea.

- Elaine Willingham,
Founder/Purveyor, Founding Fathers Tea

An Award-Winning Enterprise

In May 2015, the Association of Mature American Citizens recognized Founding Fathers Tea as an outstanding AMAC Small Business Solution advocate. This prize recognizes our company's steadfast support of free enterprise and entrepreneurship.


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